Tiramisu with a twist

I love tiramisu, but I always wondered if it only works with amaretto. As I recently discovered the tastyness of Egg liqueur I thought why not give it a try making a tiramisu with it. The result was pretty awsome! So I definelty have to share it here on my blog.

Making Tiramisu is pretty easy, the only thing is that you need a bit of patience since it has to rest in the fridge for a significant amount of time. But I think its always worth the wait!

For the Egg liqueur Tiramisu you will need:

  • 500 g mascarpone
  • 4 tablespoons Sugar
  • 200 ml Coffee with a bit of brown sugar
  • 50 ml Cream
  • 4 Eggs (only the yolk)
  • 40 ml Egg liqueur
  • 40 ladyfingers
  • a bit of Cocoa to garnish
  • one large dish

Together with the sugar beat the egg yolks until foamy. Add the egg liqueur and the mascarpone. Now carefully fold under the cream. If you like you can also add strawberries cut into little pieces. The next step is to make the first layer of ladyfingers in a large dish. Soak them with coffee and add the filling on top of it. Then continue with the second layer and as a finish garnish with cocoa. Let it cool for 8-24 hours in the fridge. Before serving garnish the top again with cocoa.

Enjoy it with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries or just on its own πŸ˜‰




Here comes my first recipe!

Delicious tofu teriyaki!

I just love dishes with teriyaki sauce and it is so damn easy to make! You can use it in so many variations and since I’m cutting down on my meat consumption I recently discovered my love for tofu dishes. If you didn’t try cooking with tofu please do! Made with the right spices it is a very healthy and tasty alternative when you don’t like to eat meat.

So below is this quick and easy recipe:

First start with marinating your tofu:

Cut the tofu into slices or cubes. Make a marinade with lemon, salt and pepper and marinade the tofu slices, 1/2-24 h, depending on how much time you have. The longer you let it rest, the more tasty it gets πŸ˜‰

Then continue with the Teriyaki sauce. You will need:

– 2 cups of water

– 1/2 cup soy sauce

– chopped ginger and garlic as you like

– 5 teaspoons of brown sugar, you can also use less depending on your taste

-3-5 teaspoons of honey

– 2-4 tablespoons cornstarch depending on how thick you want the sauce to be

Mix everything together and let it cook for a while. Then mix in the cornstarch, let it cook for a while and then let it rest for a bit.

For the fry:

Cut your vegetables (pepper, broccoli, snow peas, carrots or whatever vegetable you prefer). Heat your pan. Fry the tofu until it’s crusty. Dash in some cut garlic and the vegetables. You can now add the earlier prepared sauce into the pan and let it simmer for some minutes until everything is cooked through.

Now you can either serve it with rice or noodles!

Enjoy xx

Welcome to my new blog

Hey Everybody,

welcome to my new blog. My name is Anna Rabea and from now on you can follow my content on this page. This blog will be about everything that matters to me. Primarily about beautiful things that I see and capture in photos. I love to travel and to cook and I am an aspiring actress. Therefore, I will publish many delicious recipes and share beautiful moments of my journeys to different countries and daily life. I hope you will enjoy what you see and keep posted as the first posts will appear in the next days! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (link in the header)!!!



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